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 Florida Springs Recreation Map© Greg Johnson 2016 

Florida Springs Map

About This Map

Florida has a multitude of natural springs which numerous individuals and organizations have expended a great amount of time, money, and dry socks to understand. This map presents that tremendous effort at a glance providing guidence for both casual recreation and serious exploration of Florida's beautiful springs.

The map data sets are readily available in the public domain and for the most part provided by our tax dollars as a public service. The map itself is powered by open source mapping software provided by forward looking organizations and individuals focused on unencumbered access to software tools and communications mechanisms that enhance usability and maximize user experience and enjoyment.

This map as you see it here is a singular effort by a Florida springs enthusiast to call attention to these acheivements with the intent being to increase awareness of Florida springs locations and accessibility. The design, layout, and programming of the final map product on this site is the accomplishment of a single individual working in the corner of his bedroom, usually late into the night. So unlike the above data and software, this part of the map is property of the creator and not to be copied or reproduced without permission. If you need help making a map let me know.


My name is Greg Johnson. I have enjoyed Florida's beautiful springs for many years and always look forward to visiting a new spring. Awhile back I started compiling a list which I would use for reference. I'm an IT guy so naturally I turned this list into a spreadsheet and then a database. Soon after that the database went online so I could share my compiled data with friends and fellow enthusiasts.

Maintaining the database proved problematic and it was eventually replaced by the "official" list of 754 springs from Bulletin no.66 published by the Florida Geological Survey. This is the list on the site and they now link to this map. The map itself has over 1000 unique spring vent locations and represents data from various sources compiled by Debra Harrington and Jing Wang, Florida Department of Environmental Protection. They have spent over 13 years on this list and it is still incomplete so there is more out there to discover. Visitors here are encouraged by FDEP to provide comments and recommendations for updates. Here's the map. Get going!

Open Source

I'm really excited about this map. It has some very powerful features and offers an excellent opportunity to explore Florida's wonderful natural resources. I made it to use myself and it will come in handy during my travels. I hope you can use it too and have a wonderful journey. It took a lot of work to get this online but these folks made it easier. A big thank you to them all.

Open Source Software

Data Sources

Map data found here is derived from official sources and passed to the user unaltered beyond minimal formatting and filtering. Point data for springs, boat ramps, stream flow gages, and manatee sightings is pulled directly from source servers when the map is loaded.

Open Source Data

  • Florida Springs FDEP GIS Staff
  • Stream Flow Gages U.S. Geological Survey National Geospatial Program
  • Florida Trails FDEP, Office of Greenways and Trails
  • Florida Boat Ramps FWC-FWRI (Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission-Fish and Wildlife Research Institute)
  • Manateee Heat Map Marine Biodiversity Observing Network (MBON) Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary (FKNMS)

Fish and Wildlife Research Institute

Florida springs data layer (Florida Springs 2015) Appreciation goes to Debra Harrington and Jing Wang, Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) for compiling and maintaining this dataset from 2003-2016


Feedback and suggestions are always welcome. If there is a problem please let me know and I will try my best to fix it. Remember I have no control over the data itself, its official and I'm not. So if something isn't where it is supposed to be I can't do anything about it.

Greg Johnson playfla (@gmail)
Check out my Google+ profile for pictures, videos, and more


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 Florida Springs Recreation Map© Greg Johnson 2016 

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Manatee sightings during the annual manatee count from 2014 to present. Manatees can be found anywhere in Florida coastal waters, slow down and look around.
 Florida Springs Recreation Map© Greg Johnson 2016 



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  • Manatee Heat Map visible at map scale 1:74M zoom level 3 and up
Manatees are everywhere, slow down and look around.

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Fast Fact: Search for "Canyons and Valleys" in Florida to find sinkholes!

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 Florida Springs Recreation Map© Greg Johnson 2016